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Birdwatching is an Outdoor Activity the Whole Family Can Enjoy

In some places, it’s rare to see birds or wildlife, whereas in others, like near the lake cabins of Cozy Cabins Nature Resort in North Okanagan, BC, it’s common.

Birdwatching is something people like to do while staying at Cozy Cabins Nature Resort because there are plenty of birds in the vicinity. Some are easy to spot, while others are a challenge to see. It’s oftentimes the challenging ones– or the more rare ones– that give birdwatchers the most pleasurable satisfaction. We humans enjoy a good chase, a good mystery, and a good discovery, for sure.

One of the nice things about birdwatching in British Columbia (for visitors from far away) is that you’re likely to encounter birds you don’t normally see at home. You should do some research online to figure out what kind of birds live in this part of Canada before you arrive. Then you can reference your list, checking off the ones you spot!

Bird watching can be done year round, though it’s especially nice when it’s a warm and sunny summer day. Furthermore, you’re likely to see more than 100 hundred species in a small area, so there’s a great variety out there. Best of all, it’s fun to find birds in unexpected places. Who knows– you might see something highly unusual, something tender and beautiful, or even a bird fight.

Many people like how unpredictable bird watching can be. Some days you’ll see a lot of birds, while others not so much… some birds will be so beautiful that you want to take photos of them with a close-up lens, while others will be average and you’ll hardly give them a second look. Much like collectors are always looking for rare finds, so are bird watchers.

Did you know bird watching can be done by anyone of any age and persuasion? It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, athletic or not… birds are flying around all day long for all people to see and enjoy– they don’t discriminate.

Come to Cozy Cabins Nature Resort and bring binoculars to go bird watching. It’s a nice way to pass the time outdoors this summer, and you’ll be amazed at the variety and beauty of the birds in British Columbia.