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Country Styled Outdoor Wedding at Cozy Cabins

Las June, we were proud to host a gorgeous and romantic country-styled wedding for our guests Matt and Faye! An outdoor wedding is an inimitable experience for the couple as well as the guests. The photos below tell the story of fun and adventurous, yet elegant ceremony.

Matt and Faye were married right on the lake and the reception was held outside after the ceremony. They rented beautiful, sophisticated tents to create an indoor-like venue right in the middle of nature. Along with traditional catering options, the couple also allowed guests to bring their own food and drinks. The couple and the guests stayed for a few days and everyone had an exceptionally unforgettable time.

Browse through the photos below, and hit up our Facebook to see stunning photography of the area around our cabins as well as the inside of our cozy rooms.

If you’re interested in a beautiful country wedding with a touch of rustic romance, contact us for advice.