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Reasons to Go Hiking

Hiking Think of all the times you sit and stare at a TV or computer screen. Technology is ubiquitous. Just because it’s seemingly everywhere, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t escape it now and then. Take, for instance, a trip to Cozy Cabins Nature Resort on the edge of the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia in Canada. A vacation away from the constant need to check your smartphone could do you good.

Instead of looking at pictures and videos of other people doing great things outdoors, it’s your turn to take some time away from the stresses of everyday life. When you stay at Cozy Cabins, you’re close to many hiking trails. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a walk by a lake, up a mountain, or through the trees, surrounded by nature?

Hiking outdoors is really good for you, both mentally and physically. Besides being able to take in big lungfuls of fresh air, hiking gets your body moving so it’s a great, natural workout. Did you know hiking helps lower the risk of developing heart disease? After all, it gets the heart pumping while improving your blood pressure and your blood sugar levels. Since hiking puts some pressure on your bones, it helps boost bone density and builds up the muscles in your legs. It’s also a great way to strengthen your core, work your hips, improve your balance, and sweat off the pounds. Mentally, hiking is a mood enhancer. A hike is a smart way to deal with stress and anxiety. Your time walking in nature is a chance to get your mind off problems while focusing on everything immediately around you. Like going to the movies, hiking is time to forget your troubles and immerse yourself in a better reality where you feel free and happy.

During your visit to Cozy Cabins, take the time to explore the Salmon Trail along Bessette and Duteau creeks. Beginners can do a 1km walk while advanced hikers can opt to go 8 kilometres. You can find out more about the Salmon Trail at the Lumby Visitor Centre.