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Remember to Pack These Items for Vacation

Packing for Vacation

Cozy Cabins Nature Resort doesn’t have Wi-Fi, cell service or even TVs. Instead, our grounds are distinctly designed to help you get away from technology and, instead, enjoy each other’s company as well as the beauty and splendor of nature all around you in the Canadian wilderness.

That said, vacations involve different phases, including the “getting there” and “heading home” phases, which often benefit from having your cell phone and/or laptop/tablet along with you for the trip.

Things to Pack for Vacation

Besides “technology,” what are some key things to remember to pack for your vacation? Ideally, you’ll want a decent piece of luggage to store stuff, as well as a backpack or lightweight bag to carry “other stuff” around. What items should get packed for your trip? Well, for starters, all sorts of clothing belongs in there, from t-shirts to pants, as well as socks, underwear, a belt, and pajamas. Since weather is unpredictable, it’s a good idea to bring along long-sleeved shirts and/or jackets. And, inevitably, you’ll be doing a lot of walking, so comfy walking shoes are a must. Since you’ll probably be wearing shoes the day you travel to your destination, consider packing other footwear for use wherever you go– for example flip-flops or dress shoes, depending on your situation.

Other handy items to bring with you include a small umbrella for rainy days, sunglasses for sunny days, a hat for bad hair days, a scarf for windy days, and a swimsuit for pool/lake days. Some people like to bring their favorite pillow along for the trip, or some other item that makes them feel more “at home” when they’re away.

Basic toiletries you’ll need on vacation include a toothbrush and some toothpaste as well as deodorant and shampoo so you’ll smell nice. A comb/brush, moisturizer, lip balm, Q-tips and other items come in handy, too. If you have medication and/or a CPAP machine, bring them along.

Do you plan to shave on vacation? Some guys don’t, but for those who do a shaver, razor, etc. are good. In addition, if you’ll be away for a while and plan to use the local laundromat, bring some detergent along for the trip. Sewing kits, stain removers, personal mirrors, tissues, hand sanitizers, water bottles, mouthwash and cologne/perfume are also common travel items.

Finally, you might consider bringing a good book to read and/or a deck of cards to play while on vacation. Oh, and bring a camera to take pictures of all the interesting scenes you’ll see on your trip!