A Family Vacation Could Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Family vacations used to be more popular in the old days. It was a tradition that many moms, dads and kids looked forward to, getting in their station wagon and heading far from home to see some place else. Today, though, parents and kids are seemingly always busy, overwhelmed, tired and have way too many entertainment and relaxation options to choose from. That said, perhaps all these reasons are exactly why families should take a vacation.

Think about all the time you stare at a screen. People are constantly looking at smartphones, tablets, TVs in waiting rooms, at restaurants, at airports, in cars, and then some, right? Facebook is good, but it can also make people feel lonely. Instead of staring at screens, families need to spend time outdoors away from ALL media. Therefore, a family vacation to somewhere remote, surrounded by nature, is the perfect excuse to put away phones.

Families today don’t spend nearly enough time talking together, cooking together, and just hanging out for fun. Instead, everyone retreats to a different room in the house where they focus on themselves. The art of conversation is getting lost.

A family vacation forces people to be together in close proximity for a set period of time. During this time, they have to talk with one another. They have to share their thoughts, feelings and concerns. Meanwhile, they get to experience new places and new faces together, as a family unit. There may be challenges to overcome, obstacles to get over, and, most likely, a lot of laughs along the way.

Now, more than ever, family vacations matter. If you’re open-minded to taking one, Cozy Cabins Nature Resort is the place to go. It’s the kind of place people dream about or see in movies, complete with hiking trails, rope swings over the lake, jumping off the dock, trying out rowboats, catching fish, and telling tall tales around a fire at night. Don’t miss out on family bonding time.

Located in a secluded mountain area of British Columbia, Canada, Cozy Cabins Nature Resort is where family vacations equal many wonderful memories made. Don’t miss out on special times with the family at this unique and beautiful place; call 250-547-6201 to reserve your cabin today.

The Health Benefits of Getting Fresh Air

Fresh AirCozy Cabins Nature Resort features cabins nestled around a small, private lake near the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It’s a perfect place to escape the smog of a city and enjoy clean, fresh air.

What are some health benefits of getting fresh air in your lungs? Well, for starters, fresh air helps clean your lungs, much like a toothbrush cleans teeth. The cleaner the air you breathe, the easier is it for your lungs to work. They’re able to rid themselves of toxins. Some people report feeling much better spending time outdoors because they’re away from the dusty, stuffy offices of home.

Did you know that getting fresh air improves your blood pressure and heart rate while strengthening your immune system? It can give you more energy, a sharper mind, and even help aid in digestion. Fresh air can also make you happier.

Your body makes serotonin, which makes you feel happy and in a good mood. How much serotonin your body makes depends on how much fresh oxygen it gets! If and when you take a walk around the Cozy Cabins Nature Resort, breathing in fresh air, not only will it help digest your food but also put a smile on your face. Fresh air and exercise are nature’s way of elevating the body’s overall mood and sense of well-being.

Your body has white blood cells fighting and killing bacteria and germs on your behalf. Since white blood cells need enough oxygen to function well, it only makes sense to breathe in as much fresh air as possible.

One of the main reasons people come to Lumby, BC, to stay at the Cozy Cabins Nature Resort, is for the fresh air and nature’s beautiful surroundings. It’s like a picture postcard come to life at Cozy Cabins.

The Benefits of Taking a Family Vacation

Famiy Vacations Take a look around you when you’re out in public. Notice how many people are staring down at their smartphone screens. It’s hard for families to find time for each other these days, and when we do have free time, things like “Pokemon Go” and “Facebook” have seemingly taken over our lives. Yikes!

Perhaps it’s time to take a family vacation whereas technology is not the focus. Instead, the family gets the pleasure of talking/joking with one another, eating meals together without any smartphones constantly in hands, and, best of all, the beautiful views of nature all around at the Cozy Cabins Nature Resort in the mountains of British Columbia.

Located around a small, private lake, Cozy Cabins will allow you to take a step back in time, before technology trumped nature. If anything, the place is a welcome respite from modern life.

When’s the last time your family truly connected with one another? A family vacation forces connection, since there’s no escape from one another– at least not easily, right?

Before the kids grow up and go out on their own, wouldn’t it be nice to make memories together on a family vacation, far from home?

Imagine this: your family gets to attend a potluck cookout on a Tuesday when Cozy Cabins’ owner, Harold, cooks dinner over the fire. Your kids have spent the day swinging on ropes over the lake, jumping off the swim dock in the middle of the lake, and trying their hand at the free rowboats. You even joined them on some of their water adventures!

Too often parents spend all their time working in order to get more money to give their kids more stuff. The reality is this: kids would rather have time with their parents. Time together is actually more important than owning lots of stuff.

Why not take a family vacation to spend quality time together? Cozy Cabins Nature Resort is a great destination; call 250-547-6201 to plan your stay.