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There is Plenty to do at Cozy Cabins This Winter

Winter ActivitiesLocated in the Canadian wilderness, Cozy Cabins Nature Resort of Lumby, BC, is a great place to escape to this winter. People come from all over the world to spend time at Cozy Cabins in the winter. Indeed, many Canadians from Calgary and Vancouver, as well as Americans from Washington State, like to get out of the city and into the country for some quiet time away from the maddening crowds.

Cozy Cabins Nature Resort is close to Echo Lake Provincial Park and an ecological reserve. During the winter, guests can do several things on the property that they might not be able to do easily at home, such as ice fishing and night skating. If you have cross country skis or snowshoes, bring them and make your own trails in the snow. Find a hill and sled down it. Groups can even play hockey while on the property. Meanwhile, for those cold winter nights, why not hang out together outside under the stars at a group campfire? That’ll keep you warm on even the coldest of nights.

Winter in this part of Canada also affords guests the chance to dogsled, go snowmobiling and even try heli skiing/backcountry skiing– these adventures are available off the property in case you want to challenge yourself and experience the outdoors in ways most people never will.

There are several holidays during the winter where people like to get together for fun. Why not consider having a family reunion this Christmas or New Year’s at Cozy Cabins? Couples who want to cozy up at Cozy Cabins around Valentine’s Day in February will also find the area to be a nice place to spend time together taking walks hand-in-hand, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

If and when there’s snow on the ground– and in the winter there usually is– be sure and bring your camera to take lots of pictures of the magnificent Canadian wilderness surrounding Cozy Cabins Nature Resort. Make reservations today by calling 250-547-6201 or emailing