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Why You Should Take Your Children on Vacations

Family Vacations In the society we live in, parents are often overworked and tired all the time. It’s not unusual for a dad to get up early in the morning, before everyone else is awake, to “go to work.” Then he’s away from the house and the family for many, many hours. When he comes home from work he may eat a quick dinner and he’s so “spent” from work that he just wants to veg out in front of the TV watching “the game” or, more likely, go to bed.

Meanwhile, mom is trying her best to be supermom, and that’s a taxing role if ever there was one. Mom has so many daily responsibilities, and on top of the housework and getting meals ready and dealing with a broken appliance or a car that needs an oil change, she’s also got a job she has to do to make money to pay to live where they do. Life is exhausting for most parents.

What happens to kids these days? They’re given a screen of some sort– usually a tablet– where they watch cartoons and play endless games. Instead of parents and kids interacting with one another, face-to-face, the “old-fashioned way,” we’ve got a generation of kids being raised by technology and screens. This is not good.

The Benefits of Family Vacations

Vacation time is one of the rare times of the year when parents and kids can and do spend “quality time” together. It’s the time when daddy and mommy aren’t consumed with work– thank God. Then, FINALLY, kids get much needed, much wanted attention.

Why should parents take kids on vacation? This is prime time for bonding. It’s important to make memories together– our shared experiences help bond us together and build familial relationships. You can’t get to know someone if you don’t spend any time with them, right?

On top of that, vacation time is a great time to explore the world. Getting out of your routine is a good thing– for kids and adults alike. There’s a sense of freedom and adventure involved with going “on vacation” to places like rural Canada, staying at Cozy Cabins Nature Resort.

When’s the last time anyone in the family stopped and took the time to literally smell the flowers? Most people don’t even have any flowers nearby… we often live far removed from nature in its natural state. A vacation is a chance to connect (or reconnect) with Mother Earth , digging our hands in the dirt, fishing on the lake, or skipping stones into the water.

Some of life’s most magical and meaningful times occur away from home, on vacation. Take your kids and go have fun!