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What Wellness Means to Us

The meaning of wellness can vary from person to person. When Cozy Cabins rebranded from a Nature's Resort to a Wellness Resort, they had a specific vision in mind. They aim to be a family-friendly and nature-focused wellness resort, unlike traditional posh resorts that may not welcome children.

The resort prioritizes connecting families by providing opportunities for quality time and disconnecting from technology. The lack of Wi-Fi in cabins and a large meadow for outdoor play helps encourage families to bond and have fun together. The resort believes that spending time in nature and playing with parents has a positive impact on a child's well-being.

Additionally, Cozy Cabins encourages families to connect with nature through outdoor activities such as walks in the forest and observation of wildlife. They also offer a unique outdoor spa experience for parents to relax and rejuvenate.

In the future, the resort plans to offer more wellness activities, such as gardening classes, canning classes, yoga, and more to fulfill their vision of promoting holistic healing.

Why choose Cozy Cabins Wellness Resort for your next wellness retreat?

Are you looking for the perfect wellness retreat to get back in touch with nature and rejuvenate your mind and body? Look no further than Cozy Cabins Wellness Resort, located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley.

At Cozy Cabins, we believe that connecting with nature is the key to achieving ultimate wellness. That's why our resort is situated on 40 acres of lush forest, with a private lake perfect for swimming and fishing. Here are just a few of the ways you can immerse yourself in nature and achieve your wellness goals at Cozy Cabins:

Yoga: Our yoga platform, nestled in the trees or wherever you want to put your mat (even on the dock on the lake), provides the perfect setting for a peaceful yoga practice. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, our serene environment will help you find your zen.

Drinking natural spring water: Our property has a natural spring that provides clean, fresh drinking water straight from the source. Stay hydrated and feel the benefits of pure, natural spring water.

Walking through the trees: Take a stroll through our beautiful forest and breathe in the fresh air. Walking is a great way to get your heart rate up and clear your mind, and our wooded trails provide the perfect setting for a peaceful walk.

Soaking in a wood burning hot tub and sauna: Our wood-fired hot tub and sauna are the perfect way to soothe your muscles after a day of activities. The heat of the sauna and hot tub will help you relax and unwind, and the natural wood-fired heat is an eco-friendly way to enjoy the outdoors.

Cold dips in the lake: If you're feeling adventurous, take a cold dip in our private lake. The cold water will invigorate your senses and give you an energy boost.

Catching fish: Our private lake is full of rainbow trout, providing the perfect opportunity for fishing enthusiasts to cast a line and catch dinner. Nothing beats the satisfaction of catching your own meal in the great outdoors.

At Cozy Cabins, we also offer a variety of wellness services to complement your outdoor activities, including massage therapy and guided meditation. And if you're looking for a truly unique wellness experience, consider hosting your wedding or special event at Cozy Cabins. Our private resort offers a secluded and intimate setting that's perfect for a small, intimate gathering.

Don't wait any longer to plan your wellness retreat at Cozy Cabins Wellness Resort. Our secluded location in the Okanagan Valley, surrounded by nature, provides the perfect setting to connect with yourself and achieve ultimate wellness.

Green Energy


In today’s world you can’t go a single day without hearing about green energy. We are proud to say that Cozy Cabins has invested a huge amount of capital into a solar system that will produce energy for both The Ark (the main house/Lodge) and the cabins. 

Pure & Clean

Spring Water

We have natural spring water that flows down into our private lake.  We then have a state-of-the-art filtration water system so that every cabin can enjoy clean, drinking water that's chemical free!  The wood burning hot tubs are also filled with our natural spring water.

Spend time with our

& Goats

One of the biggest hits among kids is learning how to milk our goat, Willow.  Be sure to ask Kandi to sign up for a milking session!  We also, have a bunch of chickens that lay eggs every day and the kids love to pick the eggs.  One of our chickens is not doing as well so her name is Hope and she's become friends with many children.  (we've even been known to allow guests to keep some eggs for breakfast).

Relax & rejuvenate in our


Part of wellness is soaking in hot tubs with no harsh chemicals or sweating in a sauna over looking the lake allowing you to release toxins.  Enjoy our outdoor spa experience unlike anything else found in nature!

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About Cozy Cabins

Cozy Cabins Wellness Resort is private, family-centric vacation destination located on 40 acres with it's own private lake and surrounded by stunning wilderness.

With 7 rustic and well-equipped cabins spread throughout the property, this is the ultimate place to bring your family to tune in to true relaxation.

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