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Why We Should Take Time Away From Screens

NatureRight now you’re reading this on a screen. If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of hours every day looking at screens, whether it’s your phone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop, or good ol’ TV. We live in a culture where screens are everywhere– people even use them in churches today, to read the words of the hymns when they want to singalong to the congregational songs.

That said, we need to take time away from our screens. Why? Well, addictions aren’t healthy. “Everything in moderation” is a wise adage, but today it seems like we’ve become overly addicted to screen time, to the point where we can’t say no.

Reasons to Take Time Away From Your Screens

How many minutes did you read or watch something on a screen today? Bet it was more than 5 minutes, right? For some people, especially the younger set, it’s not unusual to spend 10 hours a day “on screens!” What would our forefathers think?

Because we spend so much time looking at screens, our eyes are tired. They get teary more easily and more often than before, since we constantly have them focusing on images for hours at a time, often on small screens. Meanwhile, when we check social media, we get upset and jealous because it seems like everyone else is leading more interesting and glamorous lives than we are! Want to feel less envious of others and less anxious? Don’t feed your mind constant news and updates via Facebook and Twitter.

Do We Own Our Devices Or Do They Own Us?

Research has shown that people feel more stressed because of the devices in their lives. A constant barrage of bad news delivered via the screens in our lives can really get us down. Furthermore, we spend more time looking at screens, these days, than interacting with people. Go to any public event and look around– more people are staring down at their smartphone screens than looking into one another’s eyes! It’s crazy!

All this is to conclude one thing: we must take a break; we must decrease our screen time. For those of you who are willing to get away from screens for a while, come to Cozy Cabins in Canada. Surround yourself with nature, take time to really talk with the people you bring with you, and experience life away from screens for a couple days…